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Meet The Team

Michael P Bellamy

Operations Director

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Michael P Bellamy, 34, founded and named Operations Director for Real Deal Laundry Service on July 21, 2009. His vision of Real Deal Laundry was to create a unique company with a unique service solution to family time management in Chicago. With a strong foundation built on complete customer satisfaction and problem resolutions, he is known for his deep thought and ability to keep operations in sound order. From these characteristics he is portrayed as “The Real Deal”. His diplomatic approach towards others allows his communication style to be warm and accepted. He intends to create opportunity for others as Real Deal Laundry provides service to the consumer.

John P Bellamy

Marketing Director

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John P Bellamy III, 32, named Marketing Director for Real Deal Laundry July 2009. Bellamy began his career with Real Deal Laundry after Michael presented a position opportunity to be a great service for the Chicagoland Area. Serving as the Chief Marketing Spokesperson, he is responsible for local area media and community relations. His objectives are to build trust, value, complete satisfaction, and create job opportunity.



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